Computer security for Windows made explainable and easy

Windows Security
Decent Security explains how infections happen, computer maintenance, and explains how to do Windows security from the ground up. They have lots of easy tweaks and fixes that make a Windows PC vastly more secure. Spend 30 minutes on their site, implement what makes sense to you, and your Windows computer will be way more able to repel attacks.

Yes, I’m sure Linux and Mac users will pipe in with, well why not just dump Windows. Because the business world uses it almost exclusively and because it has an installed base that dwarfs that of any other OS, that’s why, so lots more products are available for it. And, as  Decent Security shows, hardening a Windows system just isn’t that difficult.  But thanks anyway for sharing your glee about the supposed horribleness of Windows.

I like their attitude.

This site does not sell anything. This site does not take donations. This site has no one’s name on it. This site is to fix what is broken. Which is how we teach security.

As an example of their straightforward advice, they say don’t use registry cleaners, as any supposed advantage you get is greatly outweighed by the danger.

The registry is wildly complicated and should only be touched by professionals addressing specific problems. Professionals don’t use registry cleaners to fix problems. You never look up a problem on the web where the solution is to run a registry cleaner.

That’s because registry cleaners don’t fix problems.

Their computer maintenance section details, among other things, how to increase security by insuring UAC and SmartScreen are on full. Doing so means Windows notifies you if it detects something suspicious. There is no reason not have have these on full. They have lots more config options too.

Their Windows security page details how to set a BIOS password, encrypt the disk, install HTTPS Everywhere, use Malwarebytes anti-Exploit, use a VPN, and lots more.

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