Republicans are grumpy on this Democratic Convention night


Goodness, conservatives here and on Twitter are downright testy tonight. How dare those Democrats be friendly, perky, and optimistic Where is the fear, where is the anger?

Oh yes, Republicans were cackling with glee when the Democratic Convention began on Monday and a few Berniebrats tried to stink up the place. However, within just a couple of hours, everything was peaceful. That’s what happens when seasoned pro adults – not dysfunctional children in adult bodies – are in charge of a convention.

The Trump campaign will probably be trying to crank up more Rage and Fear when the Clinton juggernaut slams into them them. Someone, not a Hillary fan, says she’s a “cage fighter.” True. She’s also assembled a huge war machine of her own. My prediction: Trump won’t know what hit him.

I have no illusions about Clinton. I expect she’ll be like Obama, too warlike and promises will be broken. However, compared to the willfully ignorant, proudly racist Trump, the choice is obvious.

You play the cards you were dealt. And for this election, the cards are dealt and waiting.

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  1. Those are only SOME of the cards that have been dealt.
    Except for a few close states, there is NO compelling reason
    to vote for Clinton. Our politics are essentially fossilized.

    So for me, living in Vermont, it is an EASY choice to vote
    for Green and Progressive candidates, starting with Jill Stein.
    If there is ever to be competition with the two-party charade,
    someone has to create it. Voting Democrat (or Republican)
    in the present circumstance is, at best, tactical while
    perpetuating the system you (everyone) hate(s).

    If your state is a foregone conclusion, let is go and vote
    for actual change ;-)))

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