Scott Adams of Dilbert is officially a right-wing crackpot


If Trump wins, Obama will declare martial law, say Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. He currently ends his increasingly paranoid blog posts with disclaimers he is for Hillary because he lives in California and fears for his life when riots break out, should he be seen favoring Trump.

He also thinks women deliberately give men dorky v-neck sweaters as presents to humiliate them. I am not making this up. So, men are becoming unmanly yet he says he endorses Hillary because he fears for his life if he doesn’t. (Huh?) Again, I am not making this up. And is this not a very unmanly, cowardly thing to do? Would not a Real Man take a stand, regardless of consequences?

You might have found it funny that I endorsed Clinton for my personal safety. But it was only funny by coincidence. I did it for personal safety, and apparently it is working. Where I live, in California, it is not safe to be seen as supportive of anything Trump says or does. So I fixed that.

Again, I’m completely serious about the safety issue. Writing about Trump ended my speaking career, and has already reduced my income by about 40%, as far as I can tell. But I’m in less physical danger than I was.

You castrating bitch women are giving men sweaters designed to sap their manhood. From his post titled “The Humiliation of the American Male 2016”

It seems to me that the humiliation of American men is now institutionalized in the media.

Check out this commercial for dishwasher detergent. And take careful note of the American man’s v-neck sweater. That’s the uniform of a man who is owned by a woman.

You’re laughing because you know it’s true. How many of the married men reading this blog have received those same sweaters as “gifts” from women? Personally, I’ve received about 25 over the years. None from men. I received three of those sweaters so far this year. I throw them away. Nice try.

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