Temperance postcards from early 1900’s

The Temperance Movement was largely started by women whose husbands were trashed by alcohol. Alcohol consumption then was way higher than now and bars were everywhere in cities. Postcards of the time showed both the pro- and anti-temperance point of view.

If you’re wondering why Carrie Nation rarely got arrested for smashing up bars with a hatchet it’s because a) she was 6′ 0″, 175 lbs. and b) she smashed up bars in towns that had laws against bars but the laws weren’t enforced. Arresting her would mean authorities would have to admit the bars existed.

Temperance postcard. Sign The Pledge

Temperance postcard. Delirium tremens

Temperance postcard. Anti-Irish
Grotesquely anti-Irish card, portrays them like monkeys

Temperance postcard. Painfully sober Temperance postcard. Bitter drop Temperance postcard. Connect to brewery

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