Gamer platform Twitch will broadcast both conventions

Twitch. Democratic and Republican conventions

Video platform and community for gamers Twitch will broadcast the Democratic and Republican conventions live, letting their millions of viewers watch something perhaps unfamiliar using a website and tools they know well.

Josh Mull at pvplive ponders what this means to gamers, what they can  expect, and will the conventions be lame. Me, I think this could be expanded upon and look forward to see raging battles in Pokemon Go between the two parties. Perhaps contested conventions could be settled by gamers duking it in Street Fighter V, saving us all hours of listening to gasbag politicians pontificate while the actual fight is in a back room in the convention hall.

The Democratic Party is one of those brands that isn’t really cool, but like Mountain Dew or Arby’s, when they get involved with gaming you’re like “yeah, that sounds right.”

Unless you’re in the streets with the Black Bloc, you probably won’t see a lot of cosplay at this particular convention. The DNC is more like E3, in that it’s a bunch of weirdly-shiny old people desperately trying to convince you they’re authentic.

On Hillary Clinton:

Like our Anna Prosser’s and Lilian Chen’s, Secretary Clinton is a powerful symbol for women everywhere that you too can achieve the same heights of greatness previously only available to men.

But unlike our gamers, you can’t really dox her, since we all know where the President lives. And she can always SWAT you with the Secret Service. On the other hand, there’s plenty of sexism and harasment campaigns coming from the opposition, so hey, she’s just like us!

From Twitch blog:

For many of the millions of US voters who call Twitch home, Twitch is a primary source of community and entertainment. Many of you simply don’t watch TV or browse Facebook, for example. So, we’ve worked closely with the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to bring you the full coverage of both events right here on Twitch (Twitch Plays Politics?).

We see this as a public service. It’s an opportunity for you to engage in the political process, and with each other, during this election year without leaving your native habitat, using the social and communication tools you know and love.

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