Law enforcement get panties in twist over anarchist protesters

Clearly these anarchists signal the end of civilization
Clearly these anarchists signal the end of civilization

Oh, squeal, squeal, anarchists may be coming to the Republican Convention to protest. Worse, these crazed ruffians may be carrying spray paint and wearing clothes with anarchist symbols. Whatever will law enforcement do? I mean, a Starbucks window or two might get smashed. Clearly this would signal TEOTWAWKI.

The feds are issuing panicky assessments that Captain Chaos and His Band of Merry Anarchists (wait, do anarchists even have captains, hmm) may descend upon Cleveland, bringing a plague of locusts, sowing confusion, and maybe even spray-painting the anarchist symbol on a building or two. How will Cleveland ever survive?

Here’s the best part. This hysteria from the feds is all due to a single posting on a Facebook page by an anarchist group no one has heard of. Seriously… Maybe someone should tell the feds that the anarchist / communist split on the far left has been going on since the days of Marx and anarchists are relentless in opposing left-wing authoritarianism. Which is a good thing indeed.

It says that the agencies had “no information to indicate a specific, credible threat to or associated with” the convention but also warns of the potential for a “lone wolf” terrorist attack or violence from Donald Trump supporters or people coming to protest him.

A “threat assessment” issued jointly by the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Homeland Security warns law enforcement to be on the lookout for “potential indicators” of “violent anarchist extremist activity.” The indicators include “pilfering construction sites” for rocks, pipes, or bricks and “movement of newspaper containers and trashcans to create barricades” — but also carrying spray paint, eye drops, or wearing “clothing bearing anarchist symbols.”

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