Left / Right News shows our anger, disgust, and fear

Left / Right News

Left / Right News is a political mood dashboard aggregating news sources from the left and right using the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer to rank them by anger, disgust, fear, joy, and sadness. Wow folks, the results are just dismal. Joy and Sadness are nowhere to be seen. Anger and Disgust rank high. The highest ranked category for both left and right is Fear.

Attack dog news is not journalism but rather just screaming at the other side, and is poisonous to working together to solve the huge problems this country faces. Look, I’m hardly perfect here. However, maybe we should just not automatically assume those who disagree with us must be smote, obliterated, made to grovel at our feet, then cast into a fiery pit. Maybe there’s another way to handle disagreements in politics. Because if everyone screams at each other long enough sooner or later some idiots will pick up guns and start shooting. Oh wait, that’s already happening, isn’t it? “When compromise breaks down, war breaks out,” said my high school history teacher. True that. And wars can be internal to a country too.

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer:

Wonder how your message might be perceived by the end user? Perhaps a bit too angry in your emails? Tone Analyzer can help. The IBM Watsonâ„¢ Tone Analyzer Service uses linguistic analysis to detect three types of tones from text: emotion, social tendencies, and language style. Emotions identified include things like anger, fear, joy, sadness, and disgust

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