Bernie bros: It’s over. Really. He will vote for Clinton

Opera fat lady. It's over

If I see one more reality-challenged post about how Bernie just flipped a county in California and, woo-hoo, the White House totally is a certainty now, I think I’m gonna scream. Look, flipping a county in Cali means Sanders picked up precisely one more delegate in a state where Clinton trounced him, and that’s all it means. Ditto for breathless articles about how a noted statistician (their friend Fred who dropped out of high school) has rigorously examined random data he found on the net and concluded Hillary just totally stole votes in every district in every state. Really? If she’s that all-powerful, then why doesn’t she just declare herself Empress and be done with all this tedious election foolishness?

I was a Sanders delegate in Nevada. Clinton won the nomination because she got more votes than Sanders. Really. That’s what happened. Deal with it.

Whether Sanders formally endorses Clinton is irrelevant. He has already said he will support and campaign for her and reinforces that in saying he will vote for her. Sanders has pushed the party to the left. Whether it stays that way is up to the rest of us. Hillary is hardly my first choice. However she will be the candidate and against Trump, it’s a no-brainer for me. I will vote for her. She is who she is and she is who we got.

Mr. Sanders again said he’ll do whatever he can to defeat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump — a line he has repeated in recent weeks in response to calls for him to drop out of the race and help unify the Democratic Party around Mrs. Clinton.

When asked Friday if his refusal to withdraw from the race is leading to disunity in the party, Mr. Sanders said, “You talk about disunity, I talk about involving the American people in the political process and wanting to have a government and a party that represents all of us.”

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