Sanders campaign issues tepid denunciation of death threats against NV Dem chair

Text to Roberta Lange, Nevada Democratic chair

Nevada Democratic State chairwoman Roberta Lange has been getting abusive texts and phone calls, including death threats against her (and her granddaughter) from presumed Sanders supporters after the tumultuous Nevada State Convention which was eventually shut down by the casino because they could no longer guarantee security.

The Sanders campaign released a tepid denunciation of this thuggery. Sending death threats is being “energized”? It would be far better for the Sanders campaign, which says it believes in clean, open, transparent politics, to unmistakably denounce this even as they may contest the results. Happily, at least some of the morons texted their abuse, which of course gives police their phone numbers. The cunning criminal mind indeed. And FBI is investigating.

From Bernie Sanders Supporters, Death Threats Over Delegates

Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Mr. Sanders, said the Vermont senator did not condone violence of any kind. However, he said the campaign was still determining whether it would challenge the Nevada results.

“The senator believes that the Democratic Party all over the country would serve its own interests better if it were to figure out a way to welcome people who have been energized and excited by his campaign into the party,” Mr. Briggs said. “It would behoove the party to be more welcoming and engage those people.”

It would also behoove extremist Sanders nutcase supporters to not act like violent morons. And I am a Sanders supporter.

And the actions of Wendell Pierce, who has been arrested for attacking a Sanders supporter, are equally vile.

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