Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina tumult

Empty shelves in Venezuela market
Empty shelves in Venezuela market

Venezuela is nearing financial collapse with a coup possible, say concern trolls from US intelligence, who are almost certainly doing whatever they can to speed the collapse of that pesky socialist Maduro government. However, let’s be clear, the Venezuela government has done any number of bone-headed, arrogant, deeply stupid things which have directly led to its current shaky predicament. The Venezuela economy was based on oil prices being high and they had no Plan B. When prices collapsed, so did their economy.

Meanwhile, the bogus corruption impeachment in Brazil is little more than a coup, even as the country has massive corruption. However, their deposed president rather clearly wasn’t corrupt. The ex-president of Argentina, who was just indicted, may well have been.

If nasty forces want to take you down, it behooves you to be squeaky clean and careful. Don’t give them ammo, because they will use it. In the early days of the anti-Iraq War protests, when most of the country favored the war, some activists got arrested for doing something dumb, I forget exactly what. I discussed this with an organizer with decades of experience who, yes, they are out to get us. It’s not paranoia. That’s why we have to be extra careful and smart.


The officials, who have extensive experience in the region, said that they and others in the intelligence community increasingly believe that President Nicolás Maduro could be removed from office, either in a “palace coup” led by associates close to him or in a military uprising. They said that the possibility of an overthrow or street violence is of concern to American officials, who want to avoid anarchy in an oil-rich country just a three-hour flight from Miami.

I’m guessing they want to “avoid anarchy” by installing a compliant US puppet.

Well lookie here: Interim Brazil president was informant for US intelligence

The Temer presidency may be nothing more than the latest manifestation of the US state department’s implementation of yet another puppet government. We know this because earlier today, Wikileaks released evidence via a declassified cable that Brazil’s new interim president was an embassy informant for US intelligence and military.

Argentina ex-President Fernandez de Kirchner charged with fraud

She is accused of manipulating the Central Bank to sell dollars at an artificially low price in the months before she left office.

The accusation is that the Central Bank sold US dollars on the futures market at an artificially low price ahead of a widely expected devaluation of the Argentine peso.

The judge says the move allowed buyers to make a lot of money on the transaction.

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