FEC slams Sanders campaign for excessive contributions

I’ve written database programs that tracked campaign contributions for a politician. It’s not rocket science. You get full name, address, occupation and track how much they give so they don’t go over whatever the limits are. Unfortunately, the Sanders campaign has been inexcusably sloppy about this. This is not something a campaign can be careless about either. The politician I did this for was a conservative who was impeccably scrupulous and honest about contributions he received. Because you have to be. He quickly returned money if someone gave too much.

The FEC just listed 693 pages of violations by the Sanders campaign, 595 pages of which involve taking more than $2,700 from an individual and not refunding it. This is not some Hillary conspiracy against Sanders. This is a complete, total screw-up by the Sanders campaign.

These are problems that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not have at all. This is a uniquely Bernie Sanders problem, one that brings questions about his understanding of campaign finance laws, his team’s understanding of those same laws and whether or not there is a knowing plan to deceive the FEC in order to raise funds. This is why a Bernie Sanders campaign is dangerous because he and his team are making such rookie mistakes that it brings into question things that should not be questions.

Attachment page 1 through the top of 595 are all donations that are above the $2,700.00 limit that have yet to be refunded. A lot of this is people making multiple donations and they may not realize they hit the $2,700 limit, though in the case of people like Mark Ruffalo who received a refund for reaching the limit and continuing to donate there is known deceit by the donator in my opinion.

It doesn’t matter if a donor is trying to be deceitful. The campaign needs to immediately flag over contributions and immediately refund the money.

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me? You’re railing on this man for raising money from individuals and turn a blind eye to the bullshit that the rest of the field does? Jesus H.

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