Feds to investigate California misuse of Delta Tunnel money

sacramento delta photo
Photo by Greg Balzer

The Interior Inspector General says they will investigate claims California misused millions in federal grant money meant to preserve fish and wildlife and instead used the money to benefit Big Ag. This is all part of the Twin Tunnels plan to siphon water from the Sacramento Delta in order to save the Delta, which coincidentally will send copious amounts of water to Central Valley agriculture and ever-thirsty southern California. Inquiring minds want to know how draining water from the Delta will help preserve it. Perhaps this is akin to that US general in Vietnam who said it was necessary to destroy the village to save it.

Representing a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation employee, PEER filed a complaint detailing how a funding agreement with the California Water Resources Department is illegally siphoning off funds that are supposed to benefit fish and wildlife to a project that will principally benefit irrigators.

The allegations include not spending any of the money of habitat improvements, double billing, and spending the money before providing matching funds.

Inspectors General are not to be trifled with. They are independent units within a federal department with serious investigative power.

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