Democrats fear their little tea party has become nasty. Hah!

Democratic pundits have their panties in a twist because their primary has gotten nasty. Well, it’s not even close to nasty yet and is nowhere near what is coming in the general election. So enough with the pearl clutching, ok?

Sanders says Hillary is unqualified and Clinton responds saying this is a new low. Oh heaven forfend, could it get any harsher?

Get the smelling salts. The micro-aggressions are piling up.

Republicans are wondering when the nasty part comes in. Really, “unqualified” is now beyond the pale? Donald Trump calls Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) a “liar” practically every hour. Sometimes he throws in “crazy” and “very dishonest.” Cruz called Trump a “sniveling coward” for retweeting an unflattering picture of his wife. Trump’s campaign fired off a statement after losing in Wisconsin, accusing Cruz’s super PAC of committing a crime, namely coordinating with the campaign in violation of federal law. Listen, the Republican primary zoomed past “nasty” months ago.

As I’ve said before, all that Democrats have to do to win is not shoot themselves in the foot.
Krauthammer, on the “coming train wreck” in the Republican Party.

Party suicide is a very real possibility. The nominee will be either Trump or Cruz. How do they reconcile in the end?

Moreover, 36 percent of Wisconsin Republicans, facing a general-election choice between Hillary Clinton and Trump, would either vote Clinton, go third party or stay home.

In a country where only 25 percent feel we’re on the right track and where the leading Democrat cannot shake the challenge of a once-obscure dairy-state socialist, you’d think the Republicans cannot lose.

You’d be underestimating how hard they are trying.

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