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I’ve been hunting around lately in WordPress, determining what to do next. Have decided to focus on Canvas, the flagship theme from Woo Themes, which was recently bought by WordPress. Themes are the look and feel of a website. Woo has dozens of themes, which often have specialized purposes. By contrast Canvas is designed so website developers can do whatever they want without limitations set by the theme. Canvas can be a magazine, blog, business site, artist portal, and with the Woo Commerce plugin, a full-featured eCommerce site.

Hundreds of settings can be configured in the Canvas admin panel. This saves huge amounts of time mucking about in the CSS. I do know how to muck about in CSS. However, the Canvas style.css is over 5,000 lines and finding what you’re looking for can be tedious. It’s much easier to, say, change the default font for pages and posts in Canvas admin, click Refresh, and see what it looks like.

If you need to make CSS changes, WordPress has a useful feature. Just put them in custom.css and it’ll override the default CSS.

What I really like about Canvas is it lets you design the site how you want it. Plus, WordPress and Woo have enthusiastic developer communities who are always creating new plug-ins, add-ons, themes, and tweaks.

Let me know if I can help with your website.

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