AQMD order against Porter Ranch gas leak written by SoCal Gas

porter ranch photo
Photo by EARTHWORKS action

Well how cozy is this? SoCal Gas drafts an order against itself for AQMD to issue which limits Socal Gas liability and increases secrecy. I’m certainly happy to learn regulatory agencies in Southern California aren’t captive entities. This is separate from the AQMD lawsuit against SoCal Gas issued on Tuesday, a lawsuit which would enrich the state, but not so much those who live nearby. But not to worry, authorities assure residents that headaches, nausea, bloody noses and the like are not health hazards.

On Saturday, Jan. 23, the South Coast Air Quality Management District approved an order drafted by SoCal Gas that contains language promoting secrecy in the cleanup efforts while limiting the levels of liability in what is certain to be multi-million dollar damages.

“This order is an attempt to limit the damages from the date that they ‘follow the rules’ – which is when this was signed, Jan. 23,” said attorney Patricia Oliver, who has filed a class action lawsuit. “It’s very bizarre, almost a finding of innocence. If they are in compliance with the law.”

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