Smart gun technology at Vegas gun show


Identilock was developed by gun owner Omer Kiyani to prevent and suicides accidental shootings. The battery last six months, it can hold multiple fingerprints and, crucial point, drops off the gun once it recognizes a valid fingerprint.

Under New Jersey law, all guns sold there must be smart guns within three years after development of workable smart gun technology. Gov. Christie recently allowed the law to stay in effect by not signing a bill that would have replaced it.

Assuming the technology works flawlessly, Identilock might work for a home defense gun that is locked in a cabinet (or kept in a drawer in states that don’t mandate guns be locked up.) Obviously it couldn’t be carried in a holster. Presumably the law would not apply to those with difficult-to-obtain carry permits in New Jersey, like armored car drivers.

The Identilock is roughly the size of a man’s palm and fits over the trigger of pistols (and a few long guns). It recognizes up to nine different fingerprints, from either different fingers or people, on a square window about twice the size of the biometric sensor on most smartphones.

Although it would be virtually impossible to force the Identilock off a gun using household tools — it would take hundreds of pounds of force — Kiyani said his device isn’t an anti-theft measure. It’s all about the children.

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