Liberal more scared of legal guns than illegal guns

A liberal journalist, Tricia Bishop, has managed the difficult task of uniting white conservatives and black nationalists in contempt against her op-ed saying those who own guns legally are scarier than criminals with illegal guns. No, really, that’s what she said in the Baltimore Sun.

We need a searchable database of gun owners online that we can consult before arranging play dates.

I’m less afraid of the criminals wielding guns in Baltimore… issue than I am by those permitted gun owners.

A conservative friend says this shows how liberals can’t be trusted, or even understood. Give them a database and they’ll probably devise a reason to come for your guns. And, really, is being in a house where they own legal guns more dangerous than being in the wrong part of town at the wrong time and getting a gun stuck in your face?

But, see, that’s Bishop’s real problem. She doesn’t live in the bad part of town, never goes there, and it doesn’t even dent her skull that people there may own legal guns for protection because it’s, you got it, a dangerous part of town.

Garvey’s Ghost, a black nationalist blog, also takes exception to her views, saying she’s just another terrified white liberal who wants a giant government-provided database so she can snoop on her neighbors.

What she has said here is that she is more afraid of permitted, meaning legal, owners of guns than she is of people who are not permitted. She may as well just declared that she is a jackass. Why is she less afraid of criminals in Baltimore?

(Quoting Bishop:) “I know how to stay out of the line of Baltimore’s illegal gunfire; I have the luxury of being white and middle class in a largely segregated city that reserves most of its shootings for poor, black neighborhoods overtaken by “the game.”

Translation: I made damn well sure to live away from black folks so I could feel safe from the crime they commit. In order to not feel guilty about it, I pop shit about my white gun owning neighbors who don’t commit crimes.

Besides, concealed carry is legal in Maryland so she could be in a house she deems safe (if she gets her database) and then someone carrying concealed might come in, and she wouldn’t even know to be terrified because she wouldn’t know they have a gun.

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