Darn Tough. Vermont-made merino wool socks


Darn Tough is L.L. Bean for socks. Super high quality. Comfortable. Unconditional guarantee. If they wear out, send them back for a replacement. I bought two pairs because other socks were making my ankles itch. This doesn’t happen with Darn Tough socks. My ankles don’t itch. This is probably due to merino wool used in making them. Even better, merino wool is naturally anti-microbial. I tested this by wearing the same pair of socks for four days, and there was absolutely no smell. And, like all wool, these socks can keep feet warm even when wet. This may not be an issue in town. It could be seriously important when backpacking.

They make socks for work, running, biking, hiking, skiiing, hunting, and more. Amazon has them, as does REI and other stores. Prices are about $20 a pair, and worth it, especially considering if they somehow wear out, just send them back for another pair.

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