Boy meets girl on Neopets. She steals his neopoints. There is anguish

Neopets meltdown

Doomed romance. Was she fooling him from the start? They met on Neopets, spent the night together, the next morning he notices his 17 million neopoints, the points he has painstakingly assembled over ten long years, are gone. Apparently Little Miss Machiavelli accessed his account while he slept, swapping his neopoints for her neopets cheese and pickle sandwich. (I am not making this up!) How can a man be expected to go on? He emotes all over Reddit. It gets tweeted then hugely mocked. Yes, the interwebs can be cruel.

From the Twitters, where you can follow the fun. And this might be the best Twitter thread ever:

I guarantee this dude wears red ties with black shirts

Can u imagine scen: 34 yo man w out of state plate comes 2 door at fam Xmas demanding neocredits from colleg grl

I want to frame this and send it to the Lourve

This is the FBI you are surrounded give back the Internet pet points

Dude can always get a new gf, but those 17 million neopoints are irreplaceable.

Who would date some loser who’s been playing with IMAGINARY FUCKING ANIMALS for ten years?

Okay. No. You do not use “Machiavellian” to describe someone who stole your fucking neopoints.

It should be noted that 17 million neopoints is worth about $55…

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