Political correctness on campus is narcissism for the one percent

South Park Safe Space

Umair Haque, “slayer of zombies’, harpoons the sanctimonious, narcissistic Safe Space lunacy infecting campuses today. Such students are primarily concerned with themselves, with how the world treats them, and how they must be addressed with pronouns they specify. They are indifferent to global poverty, changing the world, or ending injustice. Instead it’s all (and solely) about them. This is a classic definition of narcissism. To be specific, it is narcissism of the global rich and their spoiled offspring playacting at social justice in very expensive baby sitting academies formerly known as universities.

And, oh yes, they studiously avoid any reference to class in their discussions. It is a forbidden subject, as might be expected from pampered children of the well-off. Newly coined gender pronouns are fine. Peasants in the streets with pitchforks would not be good. So they’ll be having none of that icky talk about class or class war.

In a few years, when they’re out of college, most of Mommy’s Little Monsters will revert to their roots and cheerfully exploit whoever and whatever, no doubt chortling about the foolishness of their youth. Because, at root, they aren’t serious now. It’s mock outrage.

New Leftists are not concerned with the problems of the global poor, disadvantaged, or vulnerable. They are largely concerned with themselves. New Leftism is narcissism distilled into pure form.

New Leftists will fight tooth and nail for gender free bathrooms. Meanwhile, two and half billion people lack”¦basic sanitation. New Leftists are passionately consumed by ultra-fine gradations of gender. Meanwhile, more than half the world’s economies have laws restricting the kinds of jobs women can perform.

It gets worse. New Leftists aren’t concerned with ideas (or logic.) Instead they are consumed with creating new language, the merits of which are not open to discussion.

Note carefully what has gone on here. You cannot object to, discuss with a New Leftist the terms they create. For New Leftism is language. Therefore, if you object to X, you are instantly labelled as Not-X. Thus, little critical thought is possible, for no engagement about ideas is allowed. Forget reason, logic, evidence— New Leftists do not allow any kind of dissent to words themselves. That is why one cannot debate ideas, concepts, theories, facts with New Leftists: they are interested in the names for ideas, not the ideas themselves, and therefore no substantive discussion about the ideas themselves is possible. As a simple example, a New Leftist might object to the Theory of Relativity being named so, and instead call for it to be named “A Heteronormative Theory of Culturally and Gender Specific Time and Space Relations”. But this debate is not about the idea, it is about the name.

That is why New Leftists are so irritating. They have created a titanic neo-Kafkaesque managerial system that subdivides the world into oppositions. Whose end result is a gigantic people’s bureaucracy-cum-police-force with a zero-tolerance policy and a quota, searching everywhere for infractions of a law no one has consented to be governed by. So of course people are irritated by it.

But in the end, they are basically spoiled brats playing at pretending to care about justice.

All of which explains why New Leftism’s bulwarks are”¦Very Expensive Colleges, at which the kids of the global one percent can play make-believe morality, without taking the risk of actually daring to be so. It is entertainment, the globally digitized extreme spectator sport of narcissistic self-indulgence contests. A game the global one percent plays, it is not social justice, but social justice theatre. New Leftism is what happens when they the world’s richest, freest people come to believe they are the most oppressed”¦without spending a minute considering what the word actually means: it is evangelical lifestyle marketing by and for the one percent.


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