The question now is, can the FBI be trusted for anything?

Keystone Cops

Yes, I know there are lots of dedicated FBI agents and yadda blah blah but in light of recent news, the FBI seems both incompetent and corrupt. When not faking forensic evidence they’re letting teenage hackers break in to their files. And if teenagers can do it, you can bet foreign governments and criminal organizations already have.

The hacker who cracked the email account of the CIA director says he’s hacked into multiple FBI servers. The response from FBI does not deny this. We also have the chilling news FBI forensics faked evidence in thousands of investigations,which sent many to prison, including 14 who were executed or died in prison. Will the people responsible for this go to prison too?

So, how is FBI is supposed to protect us when they can’t even protect themselves?

In an earlier tweet, Cracka boasted having “34,000 lines of emails, names, position and phone numbers of gov associates, including military,” suggesting the gang might have more data to leak. “Just to clear this up, CWA did, indeed, have access to everybody in USA’s private information, now imagine if we was [sic] Russia or China,” he said in another tweet.

Motherboard reports the publication was able to confirm the accuracy of at least five numbers in the list.

This is criminal negligence and indicates an organization determined to put people in prison, the facts be damned, because then they can report higher conviction rates which then can be used to get increased funding. In reality, their entire forensics system appears to have been completely corrupted, the corruption being internal because bogus conviction rates help the organization.

NACDL executive director Norman Reimer said in an interview with Associations Now that the flaws in the system had been known for years now. “What we were finding was that the examiners ”¦ wouldn’t just simply say that there was a microscopic similarity [between the two hairs], but they would go beyond that and say it was a 100 percent match, essentially misleading the jury into concluding that the evidence had a certain value that it didn’t actually have.”

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