Adacia Chambers and the OSU slaughter


An apparently normal young woman drives her car into a crowd doing 45-50 mph, no brake lights, kills four, injuring dozens. Bystanders had to pin her to the ground to prevent her from running away. Police are investigating it as a homicide but won’t know for sure for several days. Her grief-stricken father says pray for the families of the dead. He has no knowledge of her having a drinking problem, and that this just isn’t the daughter he knows.

Adacia Chambers was arrested for DUI, with other charges certainly coming. Witnesses said she reeked of alcohol. Yes, alcoholics can be drunk at 10:30 in the morning. However, the speed of the car, the lack of brake lights, and the site of the crash being at the end of the parade make it difficult to see how it was completely accidental.

Chambers was sent home from work on Saturday morning at 9 AM because ‘they thought she was on drugs.’ This was just 90 minutes before the crash.

Was she on psych meds and didn’t take them or had a bad reaction? What leads an women described as responsible with no previous crazy history to apparently deliberately drive a car into a crowd?

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