America has a big problem with gun violence


America, could we just admit our murder rate by guns is so high it is deranged? Maybe part of the problem is a national psyche that thinks violence is a good first response and where we still admire the wild west ethos of shoot first and ask questions later and the law be damned. And we wonder why we have violent cops…

I’ve lived in Vermont, where there are virtually no gun laws and in Utah, where most everyone has lots of guns. The gun violence rate in both states is minuscule. I’ve also lived near Hartford CT and near Oakland CA. Both of those states have strict gun laws and both those cities have way higher rates of gun violence than VT or UT. It’s not just about the guns or gun laws. It just isn’t.

The mentally unbalanced lone gun man wackos get the headlines. Very few of them, to my knowledge, had illegal guns. Unpermitted guns are more likely to be used in one-on-one violence in places like Chicago, in grudges, drug wars, and the like. Gun laws don’t help much there either.

America isn’t going to do what Australia did and round-up all the guns. Ain’t going to happen. We need to find another solution. I suggest that a good first step would be to have a national discussion about why we are so violent. Because our tedious charade of left and right screaming at each other after yet another mass murder accomplishes precisely nothing.

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  1. Sorry, but it really is about excessive gun possession by all Americans and not just the people themselves. Liberals and Leftists who refuse to call for gun control laws to be implemented only add to the problem.

    Calls for much greater gun control need to be linked to calls for Peace/ End to the Permanent Warfare State and calls for an end to Police Brutality. The US is way overly militarized and if Leftists and liberals are too wimpy to call for a change, then we are all totally doomed.

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