No Agenda: How to have a successful podcast with no advertising

No Agenda podcast artwork. Show #760

The No Agenda podcast with Adam Curry and John Dvorak uses a value for value model to support a great podcast that deconstructs the media and our omnipresent propaganda machines. It does so with no advertising. There are two shows a week, each about three hours, and is entirely supported by users. (Unlike NPR, there really are no ads). They’ve done 760 shows so far and generally raise about $3,000 a show, allowing them to focus full-time on the podcast.

Because there are no advertisers or corporate funding, No Agenda can investigate whatever it wants. Unlike too much other media, they go to original sources, read congressional records, then deconstruct it. They are highly opposed to the current bullshit meme of red vs blue, Republican vs Democrat. They skewer anyone who needs it. Curry likes to play the crackpot (indeed, they call themselves Crackpot and Buzzkill). He’s anything but. There have been multiple times he’s said something I thought patently ridiculous that turned out to be true.

Dvorak and Curry work hard at the show. It’s is superbly produced, never a dedicated  falters. They make it look easy. It’s not. They’ve built an audience that cares about what they say and in return get contributions.

Curry and Dave Winer played a major role in inventing podcasting. I was at the Gnomedex 2005 convention when Curry did the keynote speech and Apple announced podcasts would be on iTunes for free, a hugely generous move that put podcasting into the mainstream.

Curry explains how value for value works in a CUSP talk in 2012.


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