Ireland refuses to extradite to U.S. due to inhumane prisons

Florence Supermax cell
24/7/365 confinement. No human contact.

An Irish High Court Justice is refusing to extradite an alleged terrorist to the U.S. because our Supermax prisons are so inhumane they amount to “cruel and unusual punishment.” Ali Charaf Damache served five years in an Irish prison and says he wants to get on with his life. The US wants to prosecute him further and Ireland has said no.

U.S. Supermax prisons mandate virtually no human contact. Anmesty has called them torture and in violation of international law.

In her 333-page decision, the Irish justice said there “is compelling evidence” the Colorado prison is inhumane, citing affidavits from human rights groups and other records.

“I am satisfied,” Donnelly said, “that prolonged exposure to involuntary solitary confinement exacts a significant physiological toll, is damaging to the integrity of the mind and personality, and is damaging to the bodily integrity of the person.”

Thus, long-time allies of the U.S. are choosing to go their own ways.This trend will continue as our pretense of being a moral leader for the planet become increasingly ludicrous.

The Irish court’s refusal to extradite Damache adds to a growing trend of nations that opt to exercise their own sovereignty amid pressure from powerful American influence.

Such nations are increasingly moving to decide issues for themselves as they refuse to be persuaded into following the orders of a more powerful empire.

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