Potemkin Party. Republocrats squabble about sex, ignore economy, war

March of tyranny

Lifelong Democrat James Kunstler has a fine rant about the uselessness of the Democratic Party and its lack of discernible leadership. No one, except Sanders, has new ideas. Apparatchiks within the party will almost certainly try to destroy his candidacy. No mainstream candidate in either party is talking seriously about the economy, endless war, and helping main Street unless, of course, a pollster tells them too. Battleground issues are about sex and gender. When it comes to continuing wars and enriching the already wealthy, the two parties walk in lockstep, using social issues like sex and gender as diversion.

I hugely resent the fact that the Democratic Party puts its time and energy into the stupid sexual politics of the day when it should be working on issues such as re-localizing commercial economies (rebuilding Main Streets), reforming agriculture to avoid the total collapse of corporate-industrial farming, and fixing the passenger rail system so people will have some way to get around the country when happy Motoring dies (along with commercial aviation).

Oh, by the way, notice that the lead editorial in Monday’s New York Times is a plea for transgender bathrooms in schools. What could be more important?

Well surely allowing SJW s to put trigger warnings on everything taught in colleges is at least as important as who uses what bathroom, wouldn’t you say?

So, you fellow disaffected Democrats — those of you who can’t go over to the other side, but feel you have no place in your country’s politics — look around and tell me who you see casting a shadow on the Democratic landscape. Nobody. Just tired, corrupt, devious old Hillary and her nemesis Bernie the Union Hall Champion out of a Pete Seeger marching song.

I’ve been saying for a while that this period of history resembles the 1850s in America in two big ways: 1) our society faces a crisis, and 2) the existing political parties are not up to the task of comprehending what society faces. In the 1850s it was the Whigs that dried up and blew away (virtually overnight), while the old Democratic party just entered a 75-year wilderness of irrelevancy. God help us if Trump-o-mania turns out to be the only alternative.

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