Grid-connected wave energy now a reality


Electricity generated by movement of ocean waves is operational in Australia. The buoys are completely underwater, and their motion forces ocean water to land via high pressure pipes to drive the turbines. Added bonus: The process can also desalinate the water.

An electrical generating plant powered by wave energy has commenced operations near Perth, Australia. Built by Carnegie Wave Earth, the Perth Wave Energy Project is the first and only operational wave power plant anywhere in the world that uses multiple wave units. The facility has a peak generating capacity of 240 kilowatts — enough to power up to 2,000 homes.

Carnegie’s unique CETO [Cylindrical Energy Transfer Oscillating] technology is different from the conventional energy generating devices because it operates fully underwater and is safe from large storms and other surface hurdles.

An additional benefit of the CETO system is that it can also power a reverse osmosis desalinization installation to make fresh drinking water without using electrically or gasoline powered pumps.

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