Bringing back Cincinnati one building at a time

Cincinnati homes after being restored
Cincinnati homes after restoration

Parts of Cincinnati have been in serious decline for years. However, one building at a time, the area is coming back. For $15,000, less than the price of a car, you can buy a beater of a building, then restore it. Lots of people are doing so and formerly bombed-out areas are coming back. Look at the After photo and compare it to the Before photo!

People have consistently been buying up cheap run down properties, fixing them up, and incrementally improving the neighborhood. This is no longer a place of permanent decline and disinvestment. The area hit bottom a few years back and it’s already on the way back up. It’s not entirely there yet, but it’s well on its way.

Johnny at Granola Shotgun just bought such a house, ignoring warnings from a grumpy old white contractor about how dangerous the area is. Instead, he mentions a young married couple, originally from Los Angeles, who wanted a nice place to live at an affordable price. They settled on Cincinnati, bought a house for $50,000. The mortgage is $400 a month,

And they’ve had no trouble finding good work or like minded friends. They aren’t the only young people making this kind of move. Which is probably why out-of-state developers are investing in the city.

The same Cincinnati homes before restoration
The same Cincinnati homes before restoration

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