Garage door insulation is super easy to install

It’s been 106-108 this week in Vegas. Our south-facing garage has been baking because heat comes right through the garage doors. Happily, garage door insulation is simple to install and really cuts down garage heat on a baking day. It also helps keep garages warm in winter in cold areas.

DIY home improvement videos showed garage door insulation to be highly effective.  On a hot day in San Diego, the before temperatures on the inside of uninsulated garage door panels was 105.  After installation it was 80. That’s a huge difference.

I used the Reach Barrier insulation. Each $50 box contains eight panels and 48 double-sided adhesive stickees. In install, practice a few times to see how the sheets fits into the panels.. Then, press five stickees on each panel and put the lightweight, insulated aluminum sheet on top on them. The trick is, don’t cut it the sheet to make it fit. Instead, jam any excess size into the grooves in the panel. This helps it stay put.

The sheets are feather weight. I did two garage doors in about 45 minutes. The garage is noticeably cooler this morning.

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