Eat leaden death, junior rights water thief!

The Water Knife

The Water Knife. Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines! In a near-future when water wars are more than legal and political, screw with Las Vegas water and you will get killed,

The opening scene involves the general counsel for the Southern Nevada Water Authority winning a court curtailment order against an Arizona community whose junior water right use is apparently interfering with Las Vegas’s senior supply. The lawyer hands off the paperwork to the SNWA water rights enforcement team, which takes to the sky in a squadron of armed helicopters and blows up the junior users’ water treatment plant. This assures that water is not taken out of priority.

Water nerds are gonna love this book.

I will definitely be reading it.

Of course the plot is just fanciful speculation. Oh wait…

Arizona says California might want to steal its stockpiled water.

ADWR fully supports the statements made by Governor Ducey. California has put themselves into a dire situation and we anticipate that the federal government will want to help California, which could come at Arizona’s expense. As the governor stated, Arizona should not be punished for doing the right thing.”

Arizona has a point. Why should Arizona be forced to deliver water it has carefully stockpiled over the years to satisfy the gaping maw of California, whose water policy is a pathetic joke compared to Arizona and Nevada. Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson have made huge strides in recycling, reusing, and reclaiming water. California, unlike other western states, still doesn’t regulate groundwater pumping and water usage reporting is mostly voluntary. Yeah, that’ll be effective.

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