US admits it can’t beat ISIS in air or on land


The Administration admits it can’t beat ISIS but should keep fighting anyway, sadly there will be lots of blood, and then victory. This deliberately confused muddle is what passes for accepted truth in corrupt, inbred D.C.Do they care who dies as long as it’s not them? They may not even much care who wins, as long as their cushy careers continue to grow and profit, especially when they move into hugely lucrative jobs in the private sector. Who profits from war? War pigs and banksters, of course.

If the purpose of the bloody madness of our government is to enrich the war machine, it doesn’t matter if we win wars. In fact, it’s bad for business to end conflicts. And now we have an adversary who seemingly materialized out of nowhere and who, by the Administration’s own words, we have no idea how to combat, except to continue making the same blunders over and over again.

If players in conflicts say they want peace yet the conflicts continue, then they gain and profit from the conflicts. Forget their words. Watch what they do.

Senior administration officials have now issued two warnings over the past week that the war against ISIS is going badly and that President Obama’s initial vow to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the murderous jihadist forces in Iraq and Syria may just be a pipe dream.

CIA Director John Brennan offered at best a perfunctory defense of the president’s air-strike strategy. “I believe firmly that we’re not going to resolve this problem on the battle field.”

“We will turn back ISIS, I have no doubt about it,” Brennan said. “But I think there’s going to be unfortunately a lot of bloodshed between now and then.”

But that won’t be hot his blood nor the blood of anyone he knows. He weeps crocodile tears thinking about those who will die. And is probably counting the days until his return to the private sector where he will make millions a year consulting on why we tragically will need more war.

From the comments on War News Updates about a bloodthirsty idiot article on Daily Beast saying we just need to go in and kick ISIS ass. Right, that approach has worked so well in the past that repeating the same blunders expecting a different result will surely work this time.

Maybe they have had enough of being bombed to nothing because of a bunch of lies that led to the invasion ..

From what i understand,that the head commanders of ISIS are Saddam’s top generals and most of the soldiers are their soldiers .. the same ones that top US generals said should be kept intact after the surrender in order to police the populace and prevent the looting that we all saw and keep the religious factions from splintering and turning it into the quagmire we see today.. or .. send 350,000 to 375,000 US troops in order to stabilize the country.. but .. Rumsfeld/Cheney and Bush knew so much better .. so they sent 75,000 combat troops,otherwise the American people might wake up to the reality and implications of such a large invasion force which was supposed to “pay for itself” ..

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