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Trash Day website

Are you so frazzled to death running your San Francisco startup you forget to take out the trash and feed yourself? Well, buck up, all you world-changing innovators, because Trash Day and Here Comes The Airplane, will be happy to assist you!

Trash Day will send highly trained homeless people to your home, where they will be able to enter without you being there, take out your trash, then bring it back the next day. Just kidding about the “homeless” (I think), even if Homejoy, a Silicon Valley home cleaning service isn’t. They really have used the homeless.

Trash Day appears to be presenting an actual service. Thrill to their spelling-challenged description!

We use advances in mobile technology to make sure your keyed entrences remain secure.

Here Comes The Airplane is (I hope) a satire site mocking the idiocy of silly startups.

How it Works
You sign up.

We have an initial visit where we assess the size of the silver spoon in your mouth.

You never have to worry about feeding yourself again.

Here Comes The Aiplane

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