Internet of Things: surveillance state in disguise

“I’m so happy I turned my life over to the Internet of Things”

Cancel my subscription to your resurrection, or rather to your supposedly magical Internet of Things world where we will be tracked all the time by who knows what, all so we can avoid the horrible hassle of having to walk over the thermostat and adjust it manually. And of course there will never be problems when your house has a couple of dozen IOT connections to the Internet and evildoers succeed in hacking in because the security will suck. Because, hey baby, your refrigerator will order food for you. Thus we will all be ablde to loungue like the couch potatoes in Wall-E, seemingly happy, yet monitored and manipulated 365 24/7.

So, I saw thank you to cranky geeks like John Dvorak, and if you like what he says, be sure to listen to the No Agenda podcast with him and Adam Curry.

We can still get closer to 24/7 surveillance of everything we do with the implementation of the Internet of things. There seems to be no outcry or even a single expression (except for, perhaps, this column) of concern over the fabulous notion that every item that can be given an IP address and monitored over the Internet WILL be given an IP address and monitored over the Internet.

The rationale for this has always been sketchy. So you won’t run out of milk?

Nobody recognizes that this is just more of the same surveillance state encroachment that was first enabled by the Internet and was already out of control before the Internet of Things.

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