Google as Borg. Focus on social media to route around it

Google Borg

Google routinely changes search guidance and scares websites into obeying, implying non-compliance means they could be tossed into the Abyss of Disappearance. Maybe not. SEO experts say you don’t necessarily have to change and by the way, who appointed Google God and why allow them to dictate website content? Many of the changes Google imposes have little to do with better search and much more to do with them defending their search engine. Plus they inherently favor big established sites, hurting the little player.

The best way to route around this is by using social media for marketing, since there is genuine competition and lots of ways to get your message out. Sure, Google is important, however social media is increasingly becoming dominant and as we all know, Google doesn’t get social and probably never will, judging by the numbers of times it has tried and failed to do it. So, instead of uselessly fretting over the imperious new search directive from Mountain View,perhaps a better idea is to focus on social media and simply route around Google.

The social media marketing industry is a little different – because there is not just one social network. There is healthy competition.

Even if Facebook would decide to not show content from your website at all any more, you could still try to go for traffic from all other social networks. If Google decides to completely deindex your site and you have Google in place as your main traffic source – well, you are effectively dead.

Social media is simpler. More honest. It lets me concentrate on the marketing part of my job. That is what I do best.

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