Obama Retirement Fund: The Trans Pacific Partnership

Trans Pacific Partnership photo
Photo by AFGE

Obama is pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership harder than anything before. The TPP is viciously anti-Democracy noxious turd of an agreement that lets corporate interests overrule and even sue governments should their precious profits be in any way imperiled. Yes, TPP really is that bad. Oh, I’m sorry Sovereign Government, but we here at Amalgamated Chemicals will be suing you because you banned our cancerous additive. And the government will have no recourse.

When Obama says the terms of TPP are freely available and that it “gets on my nerves” when people say otherwise, he’s flat-out lying. Only parts of TPP has been leaked, the rest is still secret.

Sen. Sherrod Brown says his caucus has been “talked to, approached, lobbied, and maybe cajoled by more cabinet members on this issue than any [other] issue since Barack Obama has been president. And that’s just sad.”

Obama made his bones by completing the Wall Street bailout.  Now, before he finishes his term, he wants to give the people who can make him filthy rich after he’s no longer President a big fat slobbery kiss that will make them billions.  This may well be, to him, the most important thing he’s done in his entire presidency.

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