Solar power, energy storage, and biomass to create 24/7 power


A proposed power plant in Israel will generate power continually by using solar thermal to power turbines, storing excess heat for future use, and burning garbage that would be otherwise be landfilled. Most solar thermal plants focus the sun’s heat to a central tower to run the turbines. This innovative design by Brenmiller Energy stores the heat from each reflector apparently as steam in underground pipes, releasing it as needed. Backup power will be created by using biomass as fuel, allowing 24/7 energy production from renewable energy.

Solar power stations integrating storage and backed up by biomass are the best solution for producing electricity in Israel,” said Brenmiller Energy CEO Avi Brenmiller. “Biomass alone cannot meet electricity demand but combining it with solar energy and storage represents the cheapest and cleanest alternative. This combination is a solution for the high costs of burying garbage borne by the local authorities.”

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