House adopts rule to count Article V Convention applications

Article 5. US Constitution

This could be a real sleeper. Congress is now agreeing to actually follow the Constitution, count the number of Article V applications and then, presumably if the threshold is reached, call a convention to propose constitutional amendments. Over 700 applications from 49 states have been submitted and Congress until now, has ignored them all, an impressive record indeed of dereliction of duty. Congress is supposed to call a convention when two-thirds of the states request it. Let’s see if they actually do it.

Congress has never officially counted state applications for an Article V Convention until now, this means that for 226 years a critical chunk of the constitution has been effectively embargoed from the American people. It would be as if we never had a State of the Union address because Congress refused to keep a calendar.

An Article V Convention is not a partisan issue. Lots of people on both the right and the left (usually on the fringes, at least for now) think a convention could go a long way towards restoring actual representation coming from a genuine grassroots level.

All this burgeoning activity toward realizing our Founder’s vision by convening America’s first Article V Convention has most likely goaded Congress into action. In our information driven society it was only a matter of time before congressional negligence on Article V would start to besmirch electoral results—in a self-serving world certainly a motivational stimulant for recalcitrant legislators.

Could such a convention cause lots of mischief? Sure. It could also bring considerable welcome change and serve as a wake-up call to uncaring politicians in DC. And it’s not like there isn’t too way too much mischief going on already.


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