Our coming content-free presidential race


Read current articles about our coming presidential race and you will discover the focus is on the horse race with little if any discussion of actual issues, except for how they influence polling data. Issues by themselves are not worth discussing by MSM. They only care how issues affect the horse race. Does Hillary’s stance on job creation resonate well with likely-to-vote females in swing states? Will middle-aged males in red states be alienated by Jeb’s moderate stance on immigration? Do any of the major candidates actually care what their platform is, except for how mouthing carefully-chosen platitudes can attract votes? I think we all know the answer to that.

Neither Jeb or Hillary say anything about the disgraceful and corrupt Obama Administration policy of never prosecuting banksters or the powerful. Because both of them they will continue that policy.

The media will become increasingly frenzied about the 2016 presidential campaign, focusing on the jockeying between the opponents, with little if any discussion of issues.

People who are concerned about an issue tend to be more concerned about that issue that those who aren’t. Imagine that. This is what passes for analysis by our media now.

Partisanship and gender identity are closely aligned in these considerations for Clinton as the first female president. While majorities across all groups say it will not matter, 4 in 10 Democrats and nearly 3 in 10 women say this fact will make them more likely to support her. Men who see it as a factor tilt positive by 19 percent saying more likely to support to 11 percent less likely. Republicans who say it is an issues see it as a net negative, with 24 percent saying her gender will make them less likely to support her and 8 percent more likely.

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