Our supposedly impartial journalists are lackeys for elites


George Monbiot nails it on the craven state of our pretend journalism. Those who are supposed to investigate elites and their crimes instead run interference for them. The same is true of politicians and D.C. insiders. Too often they are angling for cushy well-paying private sector jobs after public work and aren’t about to upset  presumed benefactors. If you want that cushy job, then don’t criticize anyone in The Club. And never, ever risk offending advertisers or the powerful.

When people say they have no politics, it means that their politics aligns with the status quo. None of us are unbiased, none removed from the question of power. We are social creatures who absorb the outlook and opinions of those with whom we associate, and unconciously echo them. Objectivity is impossible.

The illusion of neutrality is one of the reasons for the rotten state of journalism, as those who might have been expected to hold power to account drift thoughtlessly into its arms.

Those who are supposed to scrutinise the financial and political elite are embedded within it.

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