More Cool Justice. Andy Thibault, “junkyard dog for justice”


Andy Thibault is a hardcore investigative reporter. He helped free Bonnie Jean Foreshaw, who was jailed for decades unjustly. His new book more Cool Justice discusses that fight, ‘Who Killed Gabe Caporino”, “Woody Allen’s Slippery Tap Dance”, how the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act has been disemboweled, the imprisonment of a transgendered teen without charges, the Micheal Skakel appeal,and more.

An excerpt from his Gabe Caporino story demonstrates his writing ability and determination.

The world of missing persons is like another dimension.

I’ve made just a couple forays into this world. It’s a world of forced enlightenment for the families of victims. For me – in semi-retirement after a career writing and teaching – the journey has crystallized impressions of how police work or don’t work to solve crimes.

As a young reporter, I learned quickly how some cops, prosecutors and judges will do virtually anything to stop crimes from being solved.

My initial experience with a missing person case opened the door to an overwhelming barrage of horrendous tales. I can barely take one at a time.

Yet, here I am in New Orleans, walking where Gabe Caporino walked.

From the website for the book.

Andy Thibault is the author of more COOL JUSTICE, a second collection of hard-hitting essays credited with helping to free a woman unjustly convicted of first degree murder. Novelist Chandra Prasad calls Thibault “Connecticut’s premiere journalistic warrior.” Wally Lamb says: “Thibault is a junkyard dog for justice who bares his teeth at pomposity and institutional unfairness and only bites the truly deserving.”

We need more like him. I just ordered an autographed copy.

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