Nevada DMV take reservations by text, RealID in effect


Nevada DMV lets you avoid lines by making reservations by text. It tells you when to arrive and what window to use. Nice! Nevada recently implemented RealID, which is mandated by DHS. You only have to do it once. Be sure to bring lots of documentation. Sue and I just did the whole process in about 45 minutes.

Starting Jan. 1, 2016 you must have RealID to board a plane or enter a federal building. Verifying RealID requires serious proof of who you are. You’ll need 1) state-issued birth certificate (original or certified copies only) or passport, 2) Social security card or 1099 / W2, 3) Two proofs of residency, like rent / mortgage statement and utility bill.

That little gold star on the licenses on the left indicate a RealID license. Licenses on the right are not RealID and say “Not for Federal Official Use.” If you haven’t gotten RealID yet, you might want to do so soon. You only need to do this process once. All states accept RealID driver’s licenses from other states as proof of RealID.

If you are in a non-compliant state (currently Arizona, Maine, and Oklahoma) you will need to show a drivers’s license and second form of ID to board a plane after Jan. 1, 2016.

This mostly seems like security theater to me, blanketing everything with restrictions rather than, like the Israelis do, focusing on those you might be trouble.

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