Lima Accord a continuation of previous do-nothing evasion

pig lipstick

Yet again, a supposed climate accord produces little if anything of substance. Countries can now decide what they want to do about climate change and when to implement the changes. If they do anything at all. Which they don’t have to. Basically, the Lima Accord is PR fluff, a bedraggled attempt to put a happy face on a failed climate change conference where nothing much was accomplished.

The split between developed and developing countries remains huge. Developed countries want developing countries to have comprehensive climate change remediation too. Developing countries say, with some justification, that developed countries have air conditioning and electricity for all and we want and need that, even if it does mean more carbon.

Climate negotiators forged a new climate agreement this past weekend. It’s been named the Lima Accord, and it relies on countries to individually decide if and by how much they want to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. In other words, the Lima Accord sets out to solve a problem that was caused by countries doing whatever they wanted by letting countries do whatever they want. So maybe they didn’t nail it.

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