Brothel, bar, and space aliens? Amaragosa Valley NV


Woo-hoo. Get a dorky photo of yourself pretending to be a space alien then frolic inside the brothel. Nevada aims to please! The Alien Cathouse is on 95 north of Vegas in Amargosa Valley, part of a sad little truck stop, low-end convenience store, and “restaurant” that features fried bologna. We looked at the menu and walked out. The space alien theme is because it’s vaguely near Area 51. Nyuck, nyuck. The whole thing is deeply bedraggled, at least from the outside. One reviewer says it’s been prettied up inside and that he managed to keep his bill to less than $2,000 for three days of carnal festivities.

Quite a few back highways in Nevada have signs and attractions mentioning space aliens, inferring that strange things appear in the skies. In a bizarre coincidence, these highways are near Air Force and military bases. I knew you’d be startled by this. (We stopped to gas up at the Cathouse  on our way to Rhyolite Ghost Town. The Nevada desert is filled with many curious and wondrous things indeed.)

Attention visitors to Vegas: Prostitution is illegal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is. If you want legal prostitutes, you’ll have to drive a bit.


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