‘Syrian airstrikes raise lone wolf terror threat in US,’ shrieks ABC News


Our government has apparently finally determined that bombing other counties can indeed lead to blowback here. So, of course, they keep bombing. Why it’s almost like they want attacks at home. Such attacks would of course give them a fine excuse to stifle more freedoms, ratchet up surveillance, and howl about threats to the country.

Me, I think politicians and the national security apparatus are our biggest threats to security and freedom. Our peril is internal, an out of control government that no longer much cares what the people think or want, and which must always have war.

The American airborne offensive could potentially embolden self-radicalized terrorists to strike inside the homeland, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI say in a joint bulletin issued to local, state and federal law enforcement late today.

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  1. For a nation that has been blessed by Providence with friendly and militarily weak neighbors to the north and south and vast oceans to the east and west we have been a very fearful people. Fear of Indian uprisings, slave revolts, immigrants, the Yellow Peril, the Red Menace, the Russians, the Muslims, and more and more lately, each other. Now it’s IS which superceded ISIS which followed Al Qaeda, which followed the Taliban which followed Saddam and his WMD’s and then bin Laden. Lately Ukraine has played its part as well. Who’s next?

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