America’s Frankenstein war machine blunders on


After making a mess in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, by supporting supposed moderates who turned out the be anything but, the US is about to blunder into a new and even more dangerous territory by bombing ISIS in Syria. No matter that the US helped create and arm ISIS because we wanted to depose Assad, now we want to bomb ISIS (and our own weapons.) Right. That’ll surely work out well.

Justin Raimondo at says US policies are wrong-headed, which they surely are. However that’s only part of it. Why does the US have so many wars (which it generally loses, creating disasters instead)? Who in the US benefits from such wars? Why the banksters, war pigs, and assorted politicians and think tanks in DC, that’s who. That’s why we have so many wars. War profiteers in the US increase their power and wealth. That others die and countries are trashed is of no concern to them.

Whether it’s three years, three months, or three centuries, Iraq War III – which is sure to encompass Syria, just as the Vietnam conflict enveloped Cambodia – promises to be an even worse disaster than the previous editions. Everyone who jumps on board this particular bandwagon is going to be leaping off sooner than they imagine – or else denying they were ever on it. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Obama is about the announce more war, this time against ISIS in Syria, who poses little or no direct threat to the US homeland. No matter, the war machine must be fed.

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