Living with Water Scarcity. David Zetland


Water economist and Aguanomics blogger David Zetland discusses water scarcity, the politics of water, human rights to water, and of course, the economics of water in his new book Living With Water Scarcity. Zetland is well-known in the world of water geeks and blogs prolifically, over 5,000 posts so far about water.

Do you worry that there is not enough water for people, the economy and environment? Do you wonder if the water in our taps and rivers is safe or polluted? Do you want to know if farmers waste water, utilities charge too much, or bottled water destroys ecosystems? You’re not alone in asking questions. The headlines say “drought, pollution, conflict and insecurity,” but the stories offer few solutions.

Living with Water Scarcity clarifies the connections among personal and social water flows in an accessible style. It describes the origins and costs of water scarcity and explains how to address it with fair and pragmatic policies. You and your community can live with water scarcity — just manage water as the precious resource it is.

The paperback is $9, the Kindle version is $5, and you can download a PDF for free because he wants to get the word out.

That’s why I’m happy to say that at least 900 people have downloaded the book in the past few days. That’s triple the number who bought copies in the past four months. It seems that many people want to understand water scarcity, but few people have an idea of the value of that knowledge. Perhaps reading will help them get a better idea.
Bottom Line: My book is free, but your time is not. Check it out, then tell me if it helps you understand water issues and help your community.

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