Collapse of the American Imperium driven by failed foreign policy


American Exceptionalism is being pummeled by a self-inflicted perfect storm of clueless foreign policy, failed Federal Reserve planning, and ballooning deficits, says former Reagan OMB director David Stockman.

If you look at the entire radar screen of things developing both domestically and internationally, we are plunging deep into a perfect storm of policy failure. The American Imperium is collapsing. There is blowback everywhere. The wreckage of prior policy mistakes of our intervention with foreign policy is coming home to roost, and the Ukraine is one area at ground zero for that.

The war pigs in DC cannot abide Russia challenging the US, hence hugely bellicose attacks on Russis. Why it’s almost like they want another war. The US lost in Vietnam and has crested chaos and carnage in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Our war machine is like a junkie who needs another fix.

Basically, the war machine in Washington (I call it the Warfare State), couldn’t abide that. There are just too many people that operate in the devil’s workshop; which is to say we have all of this capacity, we have all this machinery of war-making and of intervention and of global empire that is obsolete and unnecessary — and yet it is manned by people who want something to do. Who need to justify budgets. Who need to pursue and prosecute missions. That is what I think is happening at the present time

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