What a crock. Smartphone-controlled crock pot


Tell me again why I need to control a crock pot remotely. The Belkin wi-fi crock pot costs $130, 3-4 times more than your basic paleolithic crock pot, which force users to agonizingly walk over to it to adjust the controls. The Belkin frees you from such horrors. In fact, to set the timer you have to use the smartphone app because the crock pot doesn’t have a timer that can be manually set. This is progress?

If something can be controlled remotely it doesn’t mean it needs to be or there is any advantage in doing so.

But I did have an incident where I checked the app to see how much time had elapsed, and got an error message saying, “Your slow cooker has been off for an unknown period of time. Your food may be unsafe for consumption.” I was actually home at the time, so I went to my kitchen to see if the cooker was off, but it was still on, though it appeared to be temporarily disconnected from Wi-Fi.

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