All your data are belong to us, says Obama, screw the 4th Amendment


President Hopey Changiness is becoming downright Orwellian. The Obama Administration is now claiming data stored anywhere in the world by a company with operations in the US must be turned over if a warrant is issued. Even usually NSA-friendly tech companies, the ones who have cheerfully been in bed with the US government for years find that to be appalling. So far, the usual lackey judges have sided with the Obama Administration, no big surprise there. The Fourth Amendment has been routed around by Obots citing a Reagan era piece of nastiness that says that digital records aren’t protected by that annoying pesky Fourth Amendment.

Microsoft said the decision has wide-ranging, global implications. “Congress has not authorized the issuance of warrants that reach outside US territory,” Microsoft’s attorneys wrote. “The government cannot seek and a court cannot issue a warrant allowing federal agents to break down the doors of Microsoft’s Dublin facility.”

The Redmond, Washington-based company said its consumer trust is low in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. It told the US judge presiding over the case that “[t]he government’s position in this case further erodes that trust and will ultimately erode the leadership of US technologies in the global market.”

No word yet from “Do No Evil” and the rest of the Silicon Valley contingent on whether they will fight against having the Constitution shredded.

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