Homeowner wells running dry in CA Central Valley, farmers drill more


Record numbers of permits to drill wells are being issued in California’s drought-stricken Central Valley. Big Ag can afford to drill ever deeper. Many homeowners can’t, and their wells are increasingly running dry. Some farms are out of water too. Well drilling companies are backlogged for months and summer is just starting.

The property surrounding his home used to be all grazing land, but now there are orchards.

“I’m not eating almonds and walnuts anymore,” vowed Vigil, making clear what he thinks caused his well to go dry. “These guys growing trees should compensate everyone around them. ”¦ I’m looking at paying $15,000 for my well.”

You probably eat vegetables, fruit, and beef that comes from the Central Valley. Food prices are certain to rise. Hundreds, probably thousands, of homes will no longer have water when baking summer temperatures come to the Central Valley.

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